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Welcome to the Swansboro Pilot's Association's Web Site.

This web site is dedicated to the members of the Swansboro Pilot's Association and guests to provide general information regarding the Swansboro Airport and group activities.


The Swansboro Airport is part of the Swansboro Country Property Owners Association and is located 4.5 miles north of Placerville in the heart of California's gold country. This private airport is for the use of Swansboro Country Proporties Owners Association member's and their guest's, Prior permission is required for it's use.




Use: Private Use, Members and Guest Only, No night operations allowed

Field Elevation - 2594 feet

Runway Dimensions - 3400' x 50', paved

Runways: 9/27 Runway 27 (slopes downhill, runway 9 has first 1/3 downhill then uphill.)

Windsocks: Located on the east and west ends of runway

Frequency: 122.9 MHz

VASI Runway 9 with 5 x 122.9

Traffic Pattern - Left traffic for 9 and 27

Parking: Tie downs are available on the Southeast end of the runway on a first come basis, some have ropes in place. Aircraft must be secured if not attended.

Additional Notes:

Go Around's - Turnout to the South is recommended due to rising terrain to the North and East Usual operations - Land on 9, takeoff on 27. Be aware that when landing on 9 you may have a tailwind. The pilot in command is responsible for making the decision on the most appropriate runway to land on depending on conditions. Winds can be gusting and changeable in direction very abruptly and can be opposite at each end of the runway.