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Swansboro Pilot Association Event News

  • Saturday, July 10, 2010, The first ever Swansboro Pilot Association campout at Finnon Lake ; was organized by Barbara Beacham. Setup started around 2:00 pm with the group starting to arrive around 4:00 pm. Members provided appetizers and side dishes with dinner featuring BBQ'd Tri-tip Steak cooked to perfection by Paul Beacham and a deep fat fried Turkey cooked by Fred Wilder. Dinner was delayed because the fire on the turkey was not producing enough heat and required a longer cooking time that caused the trivia game to be canceled. The big feature was outdoor theater setup and featured the movie Airplane. It was a perfect night to be outside and enjoy the movie. Most of the members returned home for the night but a few hardy members did campout. The next morning many members returned for a no host breakfast at the Rock Creek Café.

  • Saturday, June 27, 2010, The Swansboro Airport was host to several fly-in groups on Sunday from Sacramento and the Bay Area. Bill and Teresa Wren hosted the Sacramento Valley Pilots Association for a barbeque lunch at Dyer Lake while Rob & Kim Kirkpatrick along with other members of the Swansboro Pilot Association hosted the Aircraft Pilot’s of the Bay Area (APBA) and the Bay Cities Chapter of the 99’s to lunch at the Rock Creek Cafe. It was good to see the aircraft parking area full of planes with the overflow parking located in other areas of the airport. In all we had about 15 guest airplanes arrive for the gatherings.

  • Saturday, June 26, 2010, The Swansboro Pilot Association in conjunction with Sierra Disposal organized it’s annual community cleanup day by providing 2 large refuse dumpsters to our residents at the Mosquito Fire House. At the same time we were able to host the El Dorado County hazardous materials group to pick up used paint, batteries and other toxic waste. Many Mosquito residents took advantage of these services by filling the dumpsters before 11:00.

  • Thursday, June 24, 2010 Delta Construction returned to Swansboro Airport to review the runway surface work that was completed in 2006. Here you can see Delta sweeping the runway to loosen any rock that could come loose and then followed by a blower to remove the loose rock off to the runway side. I like a company that stands behind it’s work.

  • Friday, June 11, 2010 Rob and Kim Kirkpatrick competed in the 2010 Hayward Air Rally representing Swansboro. This year Kim entered the rally in a borrowed Cesena 177 Cardinal (Race 12) and Rob flew the Bonanza (Race 8). Kim’s team included Milo Laguna as her co-pilot and Milo’s daughter Maria as an observer. Rob’s team included Chris Lea as co-pilot, navigator, checkpoint observer and crew chief.

    The weather in Hayward cooperated Friday morning allowing the rally to start on time at 9:00 AM. The first leg departed Hayward with the first checkpoint in the town on Winters with the second checkpoint in the Antelope Valley. The third check point was private airport named Richvale. From there it was off the first finish line at Lake California and then to Redding airport for refueling and lunch completing the first leg of the rally. Scoring is based on time to the second and fuel to the tenth of a gallon used.

    The results of the first leg for Kim were 342 points for time and 255 points for fuel. Robs results were 61 points for time and 128 points for fuel. All of the rally teams were facing 20+ knot headwinds producing moderate turbulence. The second leg departed Redding with check points at Malin airport, the town of Beatty and Christmas Valley airport before departing for the finish line at Goering. The winds were slightly less but making it still a bumpy ride. After all was said and done, we landed in Bend, Oregon and collected ourselves as we refueled again. Rob and Chris nailed the fuel with ZERO error. Kim picked up 487 fuel points. Note that she knew nothing about the real performance of this airplane before the rally. We spent the next two days at the Shilo Inn having a hanger party with the rest of the race participants. After the banquette dinner on Saturday afternoon the awards were presented and Rob and Chris were very surprised to have taken 8th place out of 27 entries. This was totally unexpected. Rob & Chris’s rally results were 317 points, Kim and Milo’s rally totals were 1124 points. We want to congratulate David Hindi and Jeff Zalewski of race 20 for taking first place with 78 total points.

    Visit the Hayward Rally Website for more informaton>

  • Saturday, August 18, 2007 was the annual hanger party / potluck dinner hosted by Rob & Kim Kirkpatrick. The event started at 4:00 PM and ran until sometime after 1:00 AM. This years raffle prizes netted over $1000.00 that will go towards the 2008 scholarship fund. Thank you to all that donated prizes and those who purchased tickets. We need to thank Russell for the live music and to his special guests, his Mom and son for joining in and singing. We were also joined by William Phelps along with his telescope to view the planets and stars, It was good to see that so many people took the time view the cosmos. And again we had a great choice of food and drinks. Sorry that the beer ran out so quick. Photo's of the event can be viewed under the members area.

    Sunday, July 29, 2007 was the fly out to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. We only had only 2 planes fly out for this event. We arrived at South County Airport at 10:00 AM and got a free shuttle ride from Magnum Aviation (FBO) to the Garlic Festival. We experimented with the assorted items in the Grommet Ally that included stuffed mushrooms, scampi, pasta and of course GARLIC BREAD. Moving away from Grommet Alley you could find crawdads, alligator, snake, kettle corn and of course free garlic ice cream. During our stay we observed a garlic shucking event and witnessed the beginnings of the garlic festivals version of hell's kitchen. At 3:00 PM we had Magnum Aviation pick us up and return us to the airport. It seemed that everyone that went had a good time but we found that nobody would stay around us for 2 days ;-).

Saturday, June 23, 2007 was the annual Swansboro Pilot Association Barbecue / Potluck Picnic and fund raiser that started at 11:30 AM at Dyer Lake. Steaks, Hot Dogs and Soda's were be provided for a $5.00 donation for adults and a $2.50 donation for children. This event is open to all community members and their guests but we had a lite showing this year of only about 50 people participating. The raffle prizes were a big hit with Kim getting her P-40 from Bill in some sort of haggling deal. 35% of the raffle proceeds went towards the Swansboro Pilots Association Scholarship fund.

Friday, May 11, 2007 Dinner Night Out was at the Fifty Grand Restaurant in Pollock Pines. We had 24 RSVP and 20 showed up. The food and service was very good with a good choice of Prime Rib, Ribs, BBQ Chicken, soup and salads. It even looks like Roger had a good time. Thanks to all of those who could attend and we hope to see more at the next event.


On April 28, 2007 The Swansboro Pilot Association sponsored a 33 cu. yard dumpster that was located at the Mosquito Fire house for the members of the Mosquito and Swansboro community to dispose of there household and yard waste. This year we had 49 residents dispose on things. The dumpster opened at 8:00 AM and by 10:00 AM it was getting pretty full. The volunteers were able to flag down Jim Collins as he was driving by with his backhoe and he was able to compress the trash thus allowing us to stay open until noon. THANKS JIM.

I wish to thank all of the volunteers that helped out this year. I also want to thank Jo Thomas for arranging the dumpster delivery. If you are interested in volunteering for next years dumpster duty, please contact us from this web site.

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